Thursday, July 24, 2014

Walmart...The New Country Club?

After taking Max for his morning constitutional, where he had stop and chat with all his canine buddies, I was kicked back in the passenger seat just enjoying the beautiful morning. As the neighboring RV's packed up and moved on, I was in no hurry with no where to go just yet, the lot opened up and things started looking more like a store again.

This silver Dodge pulled in, whipped around and slid into a parking place way down here in the corner where generally only us transients hang out.  A well tanned, by Minnesota standards, mature lady popped out from behind the wheel and headed for her trunk.

I may have expected her to be seeking a warmer jacket, what with her age and apparent very light clothing, but no.  In a second or two shes hefts out this full set of golf clubs and her visor cap and takes off her sweater and stuffs it into a compartment on the gold bag. She parks her paraphernalia neatly by the curb and sits back down on the front seat of her car.

Well I know Walmart is pretty accommodating these days, especially for those of us taking advantage of their no cost resort, but I wasn't aware they had laid in a back nine for the golf enthusiasts.

She looked around, like she was impatiently tapping her toe. Looking at her watch like she was expecting the porter to come around with the golf cart shuttle to take her to the club house.

About 10 minutes later the rest of her party showed up. In a flash they all loaded clubs and bags into one SUV and off they went to the golf course I presume somewhere else.

There was a class C parked near me that I knew had a car on a tow dolly too. When I finally got ready to move on, I noticed the dolly was empty, so he too had dropped his rig for the day to go wherever.

My first stop was to top off the propane tank for the first time. I knew it was about 1/2 full, but wanted some idea of what it would cost for a full tank.  $32 brought it back up to full...I better prepare for a hit the first time I run it low.

Next to the diesel pump where it took $120 to top it off from 3/4 of a tank. That I expected. The good news is this weekend will be the last trip to the cabin for the motorhome. I have a U-Haul trailer lined up for Monday morning so the day will be spent hauling furniture and lawn tractor to the auction house.

That will be the last step  before closing in about 1-1/2 weeks. My freedom from the system is getting close!

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