Monday, September 29, 2014

One Mighty Big Dog!

One Very Large Dog..  Not!
Right out my back door is a fenced in field, divided into two sections. The section nearest the farm house is the back yard, and run for two large, loud, and very territorial dogs. Whenever they are out in the yard, any movement within the RV park is perceived as a national threat to their domain and personal safety.

Charging full speed, with fierce barking, they bound to the fence line with enough force to easily clear the five foot height without breaking stride. Fortunately they haven't quite grasped that ability as yet, so they to date have remained on their side of the barrier.

To say poor little Max is intimidated is a understatement of monumental proportions.  He quivers in fear, completely forgetting the reason he is outside in the first place.

Trim reinforcement 
For the past two weeks the other section of enclosed yard is the habitat of one very quiet and peaceful member of the equestrian community. Always standing, and grazing on the far side over by the trees and shelter, this morning Mr. Ed had meandered over to our side where the grass seemed more appetizing.

He was working an area about 10 ft away, but with a simple calm call, he was curious enough to come over to the fence and allowed me to rub his forehead, and pet his neck. Maxwell all the while quietly watching and studying my movements, noting the lack of concern in my manner.

Not once did Max bark, or give any indication that he was fearing for his safety, or needing to defend me from danger. He knew that if I approved of this beast, all was good. Carefully I gave slack to his leash, and within a minute or so he was right up to the fence making friends with his new buddy.

They both seemed comfortable and accepting of each other. The horse just kept on with his grass munching, and Max, tail a wagging was completely enthralled with this Really Big Dog!

The rest of my day was less spectacular. A trip to Gainsville to Home Depot for some small flat washers and longer screws to sturdy up the trim on the refrigerator, and a few Groceries at Walmart.

On the return trip I passed a south bound freight train. It dawned on me, it would be crossing the same spot where I missed a head on shot last week, I made a point of staying in front of it far enough to position myself to catch that shot this time. For once I was smart enough to park after I had crossed the track, so that once catching the locomotive as it passed I could continue on my way home.

Mama didn't raise a rocket scientist, but I'm not a total dummy either.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good Conversation... It's That Human Contact That Everyone Needs To Appreciate!

Sunset at the RV park
It came to me in the wee hours this morning, something's been missing in my life for a very long time. That being face to face, exchanging of ideas, and conversation. My dog Max has been my only companion since pulling up stakes and hitting the road, with no particular finite goal or destination.

For months before that it was just Max and I working towards downsizing our life, and becoming portable. Making the changes necessary to head off into a new time of life that hopefully will include some new adventures, and more importantly a period of discovery. Not only about our environment, but about our own true self.

I say our, because Max is my partner. What affects me, also affects him. True, he leaves the decision making to me, and seldom offers much of an opinion on matters, but knowing his loyalty knows no bounds, I must take his point of view into consideration.

A plant seen during my walk by the lake
The internet is a wonderful tool. When it seems you have no other human contact, the ability to find friends of similar interests brings in that required exchanging of ideas and goals that we humans need to keep our minds engaged and vital.

This is where the problem comes in. The internet is a tool, not a replacement for face to face interaction between people. To some degree it's real, because you are exchanging information with a real person. But in a much bigger way, it's very false and yes unforgiving. Opinion's can be formed, interpretations can be tilted, all by how the other person interprets what you say.

Relationships can be formed quickly, and destroyed just as fast, by a few wrong words, simply misunderstood.

When we, as humans, interact face to face, there are facial expressions, changes in voice tones, and in
My walk along the shore of  Lake Ray Roberts
general body cues that clearly define what the true meaning of something is. You will never achieve that level of understanding online. You've taken the humanity out of the equation, and it will always be missing the true meaning.

Since being stationary in Denton the human element has returned to my life, really for the first time since I retired. You can be in a face to face relationship with someone for years, but when things fail, it's that lose of conversation, the absence of ideas and goals being exchanged, that is the true death knell, Ultimately ending the relationship. Once you retire, you lose your other primary source of conversation.

Recently I've spent some time, sitting on the front porch...Just rocking. I'm staying in a small RV park that is for the most part deserted throughout the day. I'm retired, everyone else works. The park manager and I have sat, during the hottest part of the day in the shade of the porch attached to the office, just rocking back and forth and talking. Nothing earth shattering, just exchanging thoughts and memories of how Denton was some dozen years back when I lived here.

Looking at the bridge
Yesterday I met a new friend. We spent the afternoon together learning a little about each other. I really enjoyed the day! Listening to someone else's thoughts, ideas, goals, while sharing a little about myself was something I have missed dearly. Once again I was engaged in life!

We can get all wrapped up in our tiny little worlds. Online, long distance, career, all relationships that are missing something. To be face to face with a real person that is purely interested in what you are saying, what you are feeling, exchanging thoughts and experiences, that is a true relationship.

Modern humanity needs to understand what has happened. Humans need humans in their personal life. It's time to just step away from the keyboard.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Gas Monkey Garage... I Bet The Neighbors Love That Outfit!

Gas Monkey Garage, just another metal building in the row.
Sure do love that smart phone. I clicked on the map app, then clicked on the microphone icon. "Gas Monkey Garage, Dallas". In a second it rattles off the address, and displays a map with turn by turn instruction. 31 miles down I-35E and just a few blocks off the freeway.

Of course there was no mention of the construction that takes up most of that distance, or the bumper to bumper traffic that is hurtling through those lane changes and uneven payment. Good thing I've had a few days to get back in the grove of Driving Dallas 101.

It's right in the heart of an industrial district, surrounded with metal buildings, all pretty much stamped out of the same mold.  Gas Monkey Garage looks no different than the rest... Except for the
razor wire, at the top of the chain link fence, that surrounds the complex.

Security cameras, and most of all little or no parking. After driving past, and coming around again, I settled for the edge of the road. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Jeep would be OK there. Every lot around the place had signs posted. No Gas Monkey Parking! Appears fans have been an issue since the program took off in popularity.

You can't see much. All the garage doors are kept shut, and there was no movement to be seen. The front door opens into a small gift shop where you can get your tee shirts, or other related paraphernalia.
Even the door at the back of the store, leading into the work area, was papered over so no body got a look see at the latest projects.

There was one old Chevy pickup sitting in the yard. A young guy that was taking pictures said they had been running it earlier while filming. Of course I got there during lunch, nothing going on.

I was headed back to Denton about time for a late lunch. Seemed a good time to see if that Chinese Buffet had stayed as good as it was about 14 years ago.
Well there is good reason it's still around. The quality and variety were top shelf. The place had been remodeled, the buffet lines having been expanded about 3 times over what I remember. They even had a sushi bar, with a designated chef creating some exotic little bites with great flavors I've never experienced before.

It's funny how some of the most mundane store fronts can hide some of the best food.

After filling my belly, I stopped at Camping World and picked up a knife rack. I have a nice selection of fancy knives and no wood block to put them in. I thought this plastic rack would allow me to mount them on the wall, Better than having
them jumbled and loose in a drawer.  It didn't fit as well as I hoped, but I think it will work. At least now they hang right alongside the sink so I can put them away as I wash them.

So much for Friday, lets see what the weekend brings my way.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Checking Out The Competition

An Old Barn in the field
When I was headed this way last week, I had hopes and plans of settling into a spot at Destiny Dallas, a so called RV Resort right alongside of I-35 just south of Denton. Learning of the location, I suspected it was the old KOA park that was in operation when I lived in these parts.

With an advertised on-site car and RV wash, I was pretty certain my suspicions were right. Today I took a ride down the highway and checked out the place that has a two month waiting list to stay at.

Yes indeed, it was the old KOA, given a basic white paint job to the trademark A-frame building. I've
A tough old tree 
never been in there, and despite the no trespassing sign, designed to discourage non-registered visitors from entering, I just drove in like I owned the place.

At $420 + tax, and + elec, it's noticeably more expensive than the $300 + elec. where I'm currently parked. So what would I have gotten if there had been an opening available.

Let's start with Accessibility. I knew the general area where it was located. None the less, I didn't see the sign, which admittedly was high in the air, until I had already passed the exit to get there. That meant I had to drive about 2 miles
Texas Prickly Pear Cactus
further down the highway because the next exit was under destruction, as compared to under construction. By the time I finally got turned around, and on the north bound frontage road, I  had driven far enough I had to carefully watch for the sign again.

This time around I had to drive past it almost a mile to once again get south bound. Imagine all this in a 40' RV with Dallas level of traffic. Not a fun plan.

I will admit the quantity of trees makes the park look appealing. The parking spots are more randomly placed, so you don't get that feeling of your neighbor being perfectly parallel to you and only an arms length away.

The negative is that the spots were designed decades ago, and though there were many a large rig set up, I bet they did some repeated and careful maneuvering to get in place. Many RV's had quantities
A little country dirt road
of wood blocks placed under their leveling jacks to make the world seem flat. I bet some spent quite some time achieving something even close to being workable for their propane refrigerator.

I saw one 5th wheel with a huge tree right in the middle so that the two slideouts could barely have enough room to extend out around the tree.

The online site indicates there is a swimming pool. In my loop through the park I never noticed it. I have no idea how appealing it is or isn't. The campground meanders all over the place and has a huge quantity of sites. It seemed quiet and peaceful, but I only saw 3-4 people outside.

Don't get me wrong, I think the place is nice. But for the odd sized and placed spots, you can forget any notion of a pull thru, and the fact that it is right alongside the busiest freeway in the center of the country, I think my nice little quiet piece of paradise out in the country, away from any highway noise, is a much better deal.

The $300 plus electricity is a bargain, and the small quiet setting is priceless. Those quaint wooded sites look no better to me than these pictures I posted today of my second scooter ride down a small country road with absolutely no traffic.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Git - R - Done! Now Kick Back and Relax!

Camping World does it to me every time. I find a sale on something I need to buy, only to find that the sales price only applies to Sam's Club members. That's alright, even after the membership fee I still saved $25 on the price of a set of Tyre Gards. I've got to do everything I can to stretch the life of these high priced treads. 22.5's don't come cheap these days.

Once again I was caught in town around lunch time...What a shame. I pulled into the same Sonic I did last week. Parked in exactly the same spot, and ordered the very same meal. It was
brought to me by the same still very attractive young lady on roller skates who made a point of looking my way again today as she did last week. She probably still wonders how Grandpa got the keys to Junior's Jeep again, but no mind. I was enjoying the view!

Once back at the campground, I installed the Tyre Gards, and rolled out the awning. My twenty year old awning looks like new, and I plan on keeping it that way. It only takes a couple minutes to put it out, so when I'm done with it this evening it goes back up. Who knows when
the wind will pick up and I sure don't want it damaged.  Three spaces down is a prime example of an awning left to bake in the sun. The fabric is all shredded, and the awning is a useless frame of aluminium tied to the side of the trailer.

I bought a garden hose sprayer and a Y- shutoff valve yesterday. I plumbed up my garden hose so the scooter got 5 months of dirt and grime washed off it. Tomorrow the bugs come off the front of the motorhome, and if I can get away with it, I'll wash down the sides too.

That takes care of the work for today. The Hibachi is loaded with charcoal, the awning is extended, and the lawn chairs are set. If you're in the neighborhood, drop on by. I've got a whole package of smoked sausages just waiting for me to light the coals. There's even a cold brew in the fridge. You're welcome to it. I don't drink beer. That lone carry over from the cabin is here for the first person that shows up with a thirst.

I'm Retired... So Why am I so Busy?

You would think, that now being settled in one place for a spell, that life would slow down. Boredom should set in, and the itch to go should be creeping back into my mind. Au contraire, every day seems to be filled with one thing or another that just needs to be done.

Yesterday, at the urging of a friend, I visited a local Aldi grocery store. Not knowing what to expect, I parked and marched toward the entrance with my vision narrowed to the point I really wasn't paying much attention.

As I neared the door, this nice Hispanic lady offered me her grocery cart, as she was done with it. I thanked her, took it from her, and headed straight in the door.

Talk about feeling like a pampas fool. Once inside I discovered that the grocery carts are equipped with chains and locks so that the customer must return them to the docking space to retrieve the quarter they had to place in the slot to get the cart in the first place.

Oops, I had briskly walked away from that poor lady without the courtesy of replacing her quarter with one of my own. To make matters worse, due to my 35% hearing lose, if she protested it fell on deaf ears.

It bothered me the whole time I was in the store, and all I could do  about it was if someone was walking toward the door as I left, paying it forward was my only option for atonement. Sadly, the lot was empty as I left. Unavoidably I ended up 25 cents ahead of the game.

To make matters worse, when I took the cart and entered the store, I entered through the exit placing myself on the wrong side of the checkout aisle, forcing me to squeeze between customers to get into the store. I wanted to just crawl into a hole and die,

At least the trip provided me with a couple bacon wrapped filet mignon, and a package of smoked sausage. Sunday I broke out my little cast iron Hibachi. It will be seeing some regular service now that the evening temps are becoming quite nice.

A stop at Camping World found that tire covers were on sale at a 2 for 1 price. Today, after measuring my tires, I will be going back to secure a set. Last winter I covered the tires with old plastic tarps. I need something not only more stylish, but more convenient for the months ahead.

At least my day started out well. I took Max for a walk down the levee along the lake. The mornings are cool now, so it's a good reason to make the effort to get some exercise.

He still spooks at the traffic flying by, so along the road side I keep him on a very sort leash. Once down on the levee I let him stretch his legs a bit.

There were lots of wild flowers growing in bunches. I saw a couple small prickly pear cactus, but they weren't photogenic enough to bother shooting.

We strolled to the end, and looked out under the bridge. The water a blue green hue, better than most lakes I've seen in Texas. Muddy water is the
standard in most lakes we visited years back.

There is a small little road that goes along the shore line just below the campground. I think the next scooter excursion will take me down that way.
Close by, and no traffic, both good reasons to explore.

For today, it's time to go measure my tires, and head to town again.
Like I said, for a retired guy, there seems to be an  endless list of things to be taken care of each day.
Before I know it, my month will be over, and it will be time to head further west.

I had no reason for this 42 acre picture, other then it just struck me. Seem like an interesting shot.

More logical was this picture of a passing train. I wish I had arrived in time to catch the locomotive coming along, headlight blazing,and whistle blowing.
Not to be, all I got was a long line of flat cars with truck trailer mounted on them. Not very romantic as trains go. Better luck next time.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Want an Attitued Adjustment? Take a Ride In The Country On a Scooter!

Old Glory Water Tower
Today started with my mind going back to issues best forgotten. Sometimes things like that just ruin a perfectly good day. You can just lie there in bed, and wonder where life went wrong, or you can get your lazy ass out of bed and grab the day by the horns and just run with it.

I've been carrying my spare tire, the scooter, around on my back bumper all summer. Now that I'm traveling, it's pretty important that I check the oil on my motorhome every now and then, and with the scooter on the back that is impossible.

I took it off the rack when I parked earlier this week, and of course, the battery was dead. Some spare
tire, in an emergency I'd have been walking regardless. An afternoon on the charger and all was good. This morning, a slow Saturday, the traffic in the country was pretty sparse. Time to go for a ride and uplift my spirits.

It was like a sign from above, the first road I passed had a name that struck me. I didn't see until my return trip that it led right into a water tower. I thought that was appropriate.

Riding down the country highway I discovered a few things. First, safety. Texas has some crazy high
Windmill at the ranch
speed limits. Must be population control on their mind.
I was on a scooter that was comfortable putting along at about 25 mph. Everything on the road was more interested in 70 mph. I kept way over to the ditch side of the wide shoulder and kept down around bicycle speed.

This isn't a bad thing. Cars were past and gone in an instant, and I was feeling pretty close to being one with nature. At pedal speed I could see things you always miss while driving.

The working ranch set back in the trees, windmill spinning in the warm breeze, The three Amigo's
Curious Amigos
standing at the fence, curious as to what that putt-putt noise was emanating from my scooter. I could stop in an instant to enjoy a view, the smell of fresh cut grass, even the smell of cow dung as the longhorns lounged in the shade.

Walking would have me this close to what was going on around me, but then on my scooter I could see so much more.

Recently I was asked if the scooter alone was a good choice for secondary transportation. Not so much, at least for me. I clocked on about 25 miles this morning. Enough to clear my head, and also
The Grand Entrance
enough to remind me that my back isn't what it once was.

It was a great reminder of the beauty that is abundant in North Texas. Ranches with front yards that go on forever. It's all about the Grand Entrance in Texas. No simple short suburban driveways, pulling up in front of the garage.
Here you enter through a grand gate. Then amble for a quarter mile or more, coming around to the main entrance of the sprawling estate.

I've been to the South Fork Ranch, the setting for the TV show Dallas. It's a modest 3 bedroom home
Big ranches surround by white fences
with camera tricks and angles used to give it that palatial air.
Not to fear, Texas has their share of opulent residences, all surrounded with perfect fences and expansive perfectly manicured front acreage. Most often they have something to do with horses, cattle, or oil.

Everything is big in Texas, a barren driveway doesn't make a statement. Ranch owners pride themselves on making it known they have arrived, and you are entering a place of note worthiness.
Some will have grand structures of brick and stone, this one even had a flock of guard geese standing
Ducks guarding the entrance
in the open driveway, way too close to the highway for comfort.
 As I approached they retreated behind the fence, only to come back down by the road after I had cleared pass them.

Many driveways had iron gates with arches above bearing the brand, or moniker of the owners,

After I had ridden way farther than I wanted to walk back, it was time to turn around.

Lake Ray Roberts is a man-made lake  that is well stocked with many fish. Saturday morning, good
Hoping for Catfish Supper
weather, of course there were a number of people out trying there luck. As I crossed the bridge, heading back to the RV Park, I stopped to snap a shot of these guy's doing there best to catch supper.

Then it was back to the motorhome, followed by a trip to the shower. It's nice every now and then to take a long hot shower at the campground facility.

The ride in the country did what I expected. My attitude was changed, my outlook was turned around. No matter where you are, All it takes is taking the time to stop and smell the roses to realize that life is pretty good, and happiness is your own responsibility.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Going Back Is Never The Same

Denton Water Tower
Boy the first time through Denton yesterday I felt like a fish out of water. The traffic was horrendous, I thought I was in downtown Dallas.
The main business areas, down University Ave, and in the area of the  mall on south Loop 288, were unrecognizable. What used to be a comfortable collection of businesses now is multi-layers of every conceivable retail establishment you could dream up.

Today was a little better, but mostly because I stayed away from the main arteries and meandered back to where I lived way back when. I suspected the subdivision would look bad, it was
The Grapes of Wrath
the victim of an unscrupulous developer, but I didn't expect how bad.

Does the grapes of wrath bring up any thoughts? The lot next to where we lived had a dilapidated travel trailer, and a half dozen junk cars. Even worse, it appeared someone was living there.

Our old place was equally run down and looking abandoned, but actually did still have a double wide trailer on it.

On a better note, the excessive gas well drilling in the area seems to be done. Where they were
Old way back to Denton
poking holes in the ground about every 500 ft back then, today I only saw one drill rig working.

The result of all that past truck traffic was destroyed country roads, that were hardly designed for that kind of abuse. Today all those busted up roads we struggled with are all rebuilt, and downright pleasant to drive down.

I even took the back way returning to Denton. An enjoyable ride down a small scenic road with a cute bridge and trees hanging over forming a long tunnel.  It was a much nicer ride than going out there on Hwy 380. An artery loaded with heavy truck traffic and currently being expanded from two lanes to four lanes.

Just like years ago, the key word here is construction. Road construction seems to be the biggest thing. Every artery is torn up, with detours and lane shifts. You really have to pay attention, or it's curtains for sure.

It was a good day for an outing, and it started with the Jeep getting a bath. Life is so much better when your ride looks sharp. The young college girl that was the car hop at Sonic seemed even nicer than usual, I think she liked my wheels! Or maybe she was thinking,"What's Grandpa doing driving his grandson's cool Jeep".

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Going Back In Time In Denton Texas

Court House Square
That's right, I've been here before. I lived here for 6 years in the late 90's and into the new century. I stood out in my front yard and watched the scattered trail as Columbia broke up reentering the atmosphere. A chunk was later found on a rooftop in the center of town.

It was a good time in our life. Married then, we had some good times in Texas. In many ways we should have stayed there. That comment was in our conversation repeatedly years later. Today I drove through town for the first time in about 13 years.

Things have changed. Just like other places in my past, when revisited they just aren't the same. The
/County Offices
traffic is a lot worse now, everybody's in a hurry. Many businesses have disappeared, and the quantity of new or altered places is unsettling.

Where a new school had just been built back then, now a collegiate quality football stadium stands nearby.

The center of town was pretty much as it was back then. No real place to make significant change there.

It was the perimeter highway that seemed different. I don't remember it being 3 lanes each direction in most parts, and so crowded it was almost impossible to look at the commercial changes for fear of hitting another car.

I did see some old familiar sites, laughed at one. The old Barn shaped red liquor store was still there.
Our old RV park spot
Unique because it was a drive through building. Yes, you drove in one set of barn doors. Stopped at the drive  up window for your hooch, then drove out the barn doors on the opposite side of the Barn. It's the only one of it's kind I've seen.

A drive through the old mobile home park where we lived in our triple slide 5th wheel amazed me because our exact spot was presently vacant. They must have set it a side knowing I was coming.

If I was staying longer than the month I plan I might move back there. But then, it's a huge park with
I've got everything I need, including a tree!
lots of kids. The peaceful place in the country where I am currently set up is way more appealing to my old man tastes.

Yes, I'm surrounded by other RV's, but there is only about 25 spaces total in this park. No kids, and they are discouraged as well.

It's well maintained and most of all QUIET!

The morning sun rises over Lake Ray Roberts giving everything a rosy glow for a few minutes.
I hear the fishing there is good too, though that's not on my list of things to do. Never was much for
The view out my windshield

I just appreciate the view.

The view out the back is nice too. The neighboring horse farm has a fence just feet behind me.

It's a nice country scene that should be on a post card as well.

Not all was different in town though. There were two restaurants in particular that we used to frequent on a regular basis. The Good Eats restaurant right alongside I-35 had the best chicken
The farm next door
fried steaks. I often made mention that Texas knew how to do steaks, any kind of steaks.

A chicken fried steak in Minnesota consists of a factory stamped patty with crumb breading on it and some sort of muck for gravy.

Sadly that place was renamed, and who knows if my favored meal was still on the menu.

The second place was smaller, more or less unnoticeable even 13 years ago. Just a store front in a strip mall with the words

Still it endured. There are a dozens of similar establishments around, but after all these years you can
Our favorite restaurant is still there!
still get your fried Wonton's here. The Chinatown Cafe still serves a mean egg roll.

Just up the hill three doors down is the little family owned Italian place too. Somethings will last forever.

After an hour I headed back up the highway away from all the hustle and bustle. Back to the quiet little piece of heaven where I don't hear any of the traffic running up and down the freeway,

I'd tell you where, but then I'd have to kill you. For now, it's just someplace out of the way. Similar in
neighbor's horse
nature to the dozens of other little RV parks that are scattered all over this area.  Not to close, but not to far. Just a little piece of Texas paradise.  where the horses run free, and the longhorns roam.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Something Interesting Happened Today!

1956 Spartan 45' trailer
It was a long day yesterday. Oklahoma heat was a whole lot warmer than Missouri. The Atoka OK Walmart has a small lot in poor condition. Making matters worse, they had much of it torn up for repairs.

I pulled in about mid-afternoon, pointing myself toward the exit so I could get out easily. I called it a day early and turned in before it was even dark. When I woke in the middle of the night I discovered I was surrounded by numerous semi's and right along side of me was a relic from the past.
Meet Ben. He just picked up this 45' Spartan somewhere in Oklahoma. The previous owner is in the process of
The closet in the master bedroom
rebuilding Arlo Guthrie's old home. Ben is a musician from Austin TX. Country music being his bread and butter.

His plan is to restore this old trailer and live in it with his wife. Possibly starting their family living off grid relying primarily on solar power.

Though in need of a top to bottom restoration, the 45' monster is in real solid condition. Ben was thrilled to give me a complete tour, noting all the light fixtures were still in place!

He thought maybe the strange apparatus under the edges was to protect when crossing railroad tracks,
Towing with a 1-ton box van 
but I told him it was the equivalent of an upside down bridge. It was there to strengthen the sidewalls and prevent flexing and possible rippling.

It had been a slow trip to this point, pulling with a 1-ton van. So far, so good, and he hoped to make the rest of the voyage without any problems.

As far as Ben knew the Spartan had spent it's entire life in Oklahoma. Note the big boxy swamp coolers mounted on the roof.

He plans to ditch those, swamp coolers don't work very well in Texas with all the humidity.  After a
Kitchen still has original appliances
good visit, Ben pulled out onto the highway and motored south. I left about 15 minutes later and never caught up to him so he had to be making decent time.

It was an interesting way to leave Oklahoma. As per Ben, Spartan trailers were manufactured there by a company that built B-24 bombers during the war. You could easily see the craftsmanship required in riveting airplanes together in this trailer. After 58 years it was still straight and true and very solid. With mostly cosmetic work to be done, it should still have many years left in it.

It was a great way to finish up this leg of my travels. Now I'm parked for the next month in Texas. Time to take a break from the road.