Friday, October 17, 2014

Back in the Walmart Saddle Again!

Wednesday finally arrived, and the bad tooth is history. All went smooth, and after one last night to recuperate, Thursday morning I hit the road on schedule. My first day's drive took me to Wichita Falls TX.
My first stop on the road was at a Flying J to get my propane tank filled.  Realize it has been since about June some time since I filled it and I have been living in the Pace full time during that period. I have been conserving the propane by only heating the water tank once a day.

Each morning I would take a shower, and wash the previous days dishes, then turn the water heater off. This is a remarkably easy way to conserve propane since the refrigerator uses very little.

What surprised me the most was that there was at least a 1/3 of a tank left and the charge to fill only came to $42.xx. I expected a much heavier hit to the pocket book.

The days drive went smoothly, lots of open space in Texas. It sure felt good to be moving again, a month in Denton was more than enough time to develop an itchy throttle foot.

Open Highway to Wichita Falls
I spent the month at the Lone Oak RV Park on Lone Oak Rd. About 3 miles north of Sanger TX, and far enough away from the Denton/Dallas traffic and hustle bustle to actually be very peaceful and quiet. Never saw a single kid during the whole stay, and I spent a number of hot afternoon's sitting on the front porch rocking, and enjoying the view out over Lake Ray Roberts.

I admit to getting lazy lately. Last night, since their was another motorhome directly in front of me, I neglected to go inside and ask
Wichita Falls Walmart 
permission. I imagine that is a habit I shouldn't get into, but then so far I have never been rejected.

I enjoyed Denton, made a new friend or two, but like most places. Years later, when you return, it is never the same. I leave the area now with little though of returning again in the future. I only have so much time left, and it is better spent finding new places to see.

For now I'm glad to me heading west, possibly with a detour in front of me that may add an interesting twist to the  journey.


  1. Enjoyed your site. I definitely intend to follow your posts. Thank You. Michael (

  2. Enjoy and always look forward to your post Curtis. Glad your tooth problem is behind you. Keep them coming.
    Greg, Our Kodiak Adventures