Sunday, February 15, 2015

On The Road Again!

It's been a wonderful winter in Quartzsite! Made some really good friends, saw plenty of interesting places, and enjoyed all the hustle and bustle of the Big Tent Show toward the end of January.

February has things slowing down considerably, and many of the winter residents have packed up and left for parts unknown. The itch to see new territory is a powerful intoxicant, and admittedly I find myself bitten by the bug.

It's time to hit the open road, but the question in mind is what way should I go? Obviously, for much of the country anyway, winter still has a serious grip and is not likely to loosen up for many weeks to come. Going back to Minnesota was never going to be a high priority for me this year, and the North East is suffering through more snow than I want anything to do with.

Go west young man... Though young is hardly description I have used of myself for many decades, the phrase seems appropriate. I've seen some of California throughout my life, but barely scratched the surface.

I pulled up stakes, literally since it's tent stakes that secure my satellite dish to the ground, hitched the Jeep behind the motorhome, and headed west from Quartzsite two days ago. California or Bust printed in the desert dust on the back of the Pace Arrow.

Hardly the long and arduous voyage depicted in dust bowl days, the border is but 20 miles away. But it is a general direction that points me toward the setting sun.

Maybe I'll head for San Diego. I've been through the Naval yards in Norfolk VA, Seeing the pacific fleet would be very interesting for me.

It will remind me of my years in the service, flying around the Mariana Islands delivering supplies to Loran Stations in the South Pacific.

Those are all great memories I find myself reflecting on often.

Then again, maybe I will go north from Quartzsite. Utah and Nevada are beautiful country that I have only scratched the surface of.

It is a bit early yet for that direction, a loop west might be a good choice before I head north. It's hard to say where the nomad in me will take me.

I guess you will just have to read along as I wander down the open highway again.

About all I can guarantee is I'm on the move again, and Quartzsite is but a memory fading from view in my rearview mirror.

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  1. Hi...I tried to post a rather lengthy comment, but it disappeared on me so I will just say your blog is very inspiring and looking forward to future posts on your freedom adventures! Someday I hope to be out there too. Happy travels!