Saturday, April 4, 2015

Getting Out In The Hood!

Now that I've got a whole new state to explore, Max insisted we get in the Jeep this morning and get started.

After enjoying a breakfast buffet, including my favorite..Biscuits and Gravy, courtesy of the park I now call home, we headed across the causeway and headed north.

No particular destination in mind, that's the best way to just stumble upon interesting places to stop.
We wound along a narrow rode taking us through some pretty deluxe digs. People with considerable money live in these parts. Long driveways, manicured lawns, and closed gates at the road keeping
prying eyes far away. These folks have guys. There's a guy that comes weekly to take care of the lawn, another guy takes care of the bountiful flowers and shrubs that adorn the estate. Setting up the satellite dish on their own... oh no, call the guy.

Along the coast we drove, soon to wander through the town of Titusville. Smaller in size, older and less flashy then their neighbor to the south. This is where the history of our space travel comes from.

We ended up headed for the Kennedy Space Center. Because I had Max with me going in wasn't on the agenda for today... I'll be back. Still, what I could see from the road impressed the dickens out of me. We see the space shuttle on TV for decades, but being close to those massive
rocket engines and attached fuel tank is pretty impressive.

I could see displays of various other rockets and space paraphernalia behind the building, but with a charge of $10 just to park in the lot, again I held back for another time when I could take in the whole experience.

Further up the road was the Astronauts Hall of Fame. Again, from the outside I could tell this is a place I will return to.

The front of the building is the backdrop for a full scale replica of the Space shuttle. With an access ramp attached to the back side, apparently it is part of the display allowing visitors to enter and
experience the machine that was the backbone of our space efforts for past decades.

There really is only one word to describe the vehicle that hauled so much space stuff into orbit...AWSOME!

Then it was back south and home again on U.S. Hwy 1. It's a slower trip than taking the freeway I-95, but you get a much better feel for this part of the Atlantic Coast.

There's a lot of what some would consider recent history here. By recent I mean things that mattered to my generation.

Maybe teens of today don't get it, but during my lifetime we have accomplished some pretty spectacular milestones.

A man on the moon, color TV, cell phones, computers. Life isn't the same from when I was a kid. Not by a long shot. Some of the changes have been good, some not so much. The only thing that has remained constant is forever more there will be change.