Sunday, April 26, 2015

Max Gets Transformed And We Take A Drive To The Cruise Ships

We were up early today and took a quick trip just around the corner. Max got dropped off to be transformed into a whole different breed of dog. I've been clipping the old boy since leaving Minnesota early last fall. To say he was a sorry sight is a drastic understatement. He's tolerated looking like a scruffy mess, but it was time to get him all spiffy and yes....Cute!

He's been panting up a storm dealing with the thick fur coat he's been saddled with during these days of unseasonal high temps. 90 degrees with high humidity is uncomfortable for me, and I can be stripped down to almost nothing if need be. He's been stuck and not the least bit happy about it.

Finding a new groomer wasn't something I looked forward to, but I just took a chance and took him to the closest place I could find. A block down the highway was convenient enough and I'm pleased as punch with the results. Very reasonably priced and they did a top notch job.  Done in just over 1-1/2 hrs.

Max Before
With the rest of the day available, and temps outside getting too warm to do much else, Max and I took a cruise up A1A heading toward Jetty State Park north of Coca Beach. It's a popular place to go to watch the rockets take off from Cape Canaveral.

After being in line at the entrance, as soon as I got close enough the sign stating "No Pets Allowed" had me making a U-turn and thinking of what else is in the neighborhood to check out.

Max After
Turns out there are cruise ships ported just before the park. I saw them from the highway and decided it was time to get up closer to these behemoths and give them a good looky-look.

They are some kind of huge, this was my first chance to see these floating cities other that on TV. I stopped about a block away in a spot that was clearly posted as No Parking, No Stopping. I snapped a couple pictures and quickly moved on.

Disney Cruise Ship
The old saying it's often easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission, I boldly turned right into the ramp leading into the boarding area. Signs directed vehicles to loading gates, all bringing them to individual manned gate houses. Supposedly there to make sure those entering had good and legitimate reason for being there.

Guess what, I had none of that so just before I got to the gate I veered off and took the ramp back to the freeway. I still was able to drive right alongside the largest of the ships and
Micky Has One Huge Boat!
looking up from ground level was dizzying. Years ago I dreamed of taking a cruise on one of these great ships, but now I realize I hate crowds and there are thousands of people trapped inside these things. You spend all your time dressing for one thing or another.  If I can't wear jeans I'm not comfortable. Lastly the whole point would be to indulge in all the gourmet food that is available 24 hrs a day.  Now that I'm diabetic, all the fun has been taken out of eating. So much for taking a cruise as an item on my bucket list.


  1. Are U sure that the dog in the second picture is Max ? What the possibilities that they gave U a different dog ??

    1. It is a dramatic transformation for sure, but he's so happy to get rid of the fur he is a whole different dog when I get him back.

  2. Just got off a ship on Sunday..It was delightful, didn't feel crowded and you only dress if you want to. There's so much food you can actually make good choices. I was a total.skeptic and enjoyed myself far more than I thought I would..just sayin'. :)