Monday, June 22, 2015

Hottest Day Of The Year And The Air Conditioner Just Quit!

Kicked back watching satellite TV with the volume turned up to overpower the drone of the air conditioner... Life is good! Then suddenly the A/C stops and the TV is blaring way too loud. The news
Getting hotter by the minute, the A/C just stopped running!
just confirmed the day is a record breaker shattering the high temp set 18 years ago.  Oh Crap! This is going to get uncomfortable real quick!

Not being one to panic, I quickly verified there was no power going into the A/C and installed a standard male plug. Using an extension cord plugged into another receptacle, the cool air was flowing again within a matter of a few minutes.

Though the problem was temporarily solved, the next day I started tracing the wiring to figure out what happened.

Turns out, once again, the manufacturer was less than brilliant when it came to wiring techniques. The romax going to the A/C was about 5' too short so they used the equivalent of a large Scotch Lock Connector to splice in the extra length of cable.

Partially melted hidden wiring splice
Guess it worked good enough for 22 years, but just when I needed it the most, it heated up and broke connection. It got so hot it actually melted the plastic case of the splice connector. Potential for fire for sure.

To make matter worse, the connector was hidden behind a panel with no indication it even existed. It was pure luck that when I was looking for ways to string new cable I chanced upon it.

Retirement is a hell of a job!
Repair was easy enough, and done properly so there will be no further problems. The A/C was back to running full tilt, and life in paradise returned to normal.

Now to get on with more important activities... Oh waiter, a Daiquiri would be good about now!